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Various Applications for Making Whatsapp Stickers

Various Applications for Making Whatsapp Stickers

Whatsappare one of the applications that are widely used by most people. Whatsapp is used for two-way or more communication. The existence of the WhatsApp application to date is very popular in various circles ranging from work circles to some children who are still sitting in school or college with various benefits used. 

If in the past someone often used GIFs and emojis to express feelings or emotions in WhatsApp, but this time there are several applications that make WA stickers that can be used to express someone's emotions or feelings with the development of this increasingly rapid era. 

WhatsApp users can not only use it, but can also make it through an application to make WA stickers that are available and can be applied very easily. Of course the application to make stickers on whatsapp can be used to make it easier for you to make stickers. 

Recommended Whatsapp Sticker Maker Applications 

Every whatsapp user can use the easily available WA sticker making application, some of which are: 

1. Sticker Maker (Viko & Co) 

This first WA sticker maker application was made by Viko & Co. Sticker Maker comes with a whatsapp-like design and the stickers that you will create can be directly exported into WhatsApp. 

Use the freehand crop method provided to crop the parts of the image you don't want. In this application there is a sticker community that you can visit to see other people's stickers that you can use as inspiration. 

2. Sticker Maker 

This application for making WA stickers has almost the same name as the application above. With the sticker maker you can make various stickers with various funny shapes you want. How to make stickers with this application is very easy, just by adding an image, then adding emojis or sentences as desired. 

In addition, you can also use images in your gallery. text stickers can also be used directly and edit them. After the sticker is finished, you can directly export it to WhatsApp. The sticker maker app can be downloaded for free using the optional premium version. 

3. Sticker Create 

The next WA sticker creation application is Sticker Create which can be used to make your own stickers, then share via the whatsapp application. Sticker create comes with a variety of very complete features. Not only can you use the crop feature, you can also add various effects such as filters and remove the background for stickers. 

With sticker create you can also add clipart and emoji to the sticker. This application is one of the applications to make stickers on whatsapp that is highly recommended for you. 

4. Sticker Studio 

There are various features that can make various types of stickers such as crop, freehand and add text. In this application for making WA stickers, you can also directly connect from existing images and from the camera. 

Not only make stickers with photos, you can also make stickers with videos and GIFs quickly and easily. The sticker studio app has a pro version which can be used to remove ads and unlock additional fonts by making payments. Not only can it be used on WhatsApp, but this application can also be used on Telegram. 

5. Wemoji 

Wemoji is a very simple and easy to navigate WA sticker application. You can choose a square, freehand and circle crop when you're done uploading the sticker created. 

When you're done, you can add emoji or text which can then be saved and shared via WhatsApp or some other messaging app. emoji has a tool that you can use to zoom in if you want to cut irregular shapes more neatly. You can also turn off the zoom tool via the tools settings. 

6. Sticker Maker (Stackify) 

Sticker maker is an application to create WA stickers created by Stackify that can be used to create stickers in several separate packs or groups. You can choose to create animated stickers or regular stickers and crop them with various interesting shapes. 

In the sticker maker application you can remove the background, border and add text. This application is very simple so it is very easy to learn. In addition, this application has a premium version that can remove annoying ads. 

7. 10 Sticker Packs For WA 

This one application can be used to make various kinds of stickers according to your wishes. In addition, in this application there are several other types of stickers that you can download and insert into WhatsApp. Not only can it be used via whatsapp, but you can also use it for telegram. 

8. Animated Sticker Maker 

This last WA sticker maker application is the Animated sticker maker which is one of the sticker makers, both ordinary stickers and animated stickers. With this application, you can create stickers directly from the camera, video and draw directly. 

When creating moving or animated stickers, you can import them from GIPHY which can then be edited by adding some interesting elements. This animated sticker maker application is very easy and simple to apply so for those of you beginners don't need to worry if you have difficulty making stickers.