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8 Best and Free Scanner Applications Must Try

8 Best and Free Scanner Applications Must Try -  The best scanner apps are useful in easing daily tasks. Especially for those who are working or studying. Because they do not need to prepare equipment certainly that takes time and energy. 

It is enough to provide each device complete with an internet connection. Then clear up a little each camera. Then the document is scanned clearly, and can be accessed. The scanned file size is not too large like the manual method. At almost around 2-5 MB, that's the best quality. 

The Best Free Scanner Application 

One of the work activities that may require a lot of people is about scanning or scanning documents. In the past, this activity usually required special devices, such as a scanning machine just to do this. 

And now, in order to be able to do a scan, it can be done by using a smartphone only. Here, it is enough to just use a scan application, where we can easily get satisfactory document scan results. Of course, there are many document scanner apps available, which you can install for free. 

Currently, many sites or applications are useful in scanning documents. Each of them has advantages, and disadvantages. It often makes users confused which one to choose. Therefore, maybe some of the scanner applications bestcan be an option: 

1. Easy Scanner 

Easy scanner is the first application on this list. The developer is Bfierry, and it has millions of users. Having a variety of useful features, of course, makes it one of the most recommended for both workers and ordinary students. 

The feature for this application is to change the format of the scanned document to jpeg. Users can also change the format to other forms, such as PDF. In addition, each file can be shared with others, either via email or whatsapp. 

2. Adobe Scan 

In addition to issuing editing software, Adobe also produces applications that are useful for office matters. An example of the application is Adobe Scan with a file size of up to 50 MB only. Just as the name suggests, this application serves to scan documents without having to spend any money at all. 

In terms of appearance, this one application is slightly different from other scanners. The reason is that each developers have their own standards. Even so, the function still runs smoothly, especially if the device is compatible with the application. 

3. Office Lens 

This best scanner application is equipped with the ability to scan various important documents clearly. Automatically suitable for use by anyone, including those who work and have a busy routine. 

The Office Lens is available on various types of cell phones, both iPhone or Android. There are many languages available, from English to Thai. Unfortunately, the size This application is so large that some applications are not strong enough to accommodate it. 

4. Fast Scanner 

Through Fast Scanner, users are able to scan hundreds of documents in a short time. These scans are automatically stored in the internal memory, although anyone can change their location to an empty space. 

If the internal memory is full, move the scanned file to Google Drive. Forusers iPhonecan move it to iCloud. Regarding the size, it will usually increase automatically. Don't worry because both of these storages have large capacities. 

5. My Scans 

The advantage of this best scanner application is that it combines several pages in one document. On the other hand, My Scans allows users to sign files directly without having to take a picture first. Usually in a document scan, the resulting files are scattered in various folders. 

It looks messy in other people's eyes. But calm down, there is a feature available to create folders automatic so that they are more organized. 

6. Clear Scan 

Clear scan is free so you don't have to pay anything. Even though it's free, every scannot will have a watermark at all. That is beneficial for users because in the eyes of the company it will look professional. 

The size is very small, less than 100 MB. With this size, eachfile is scanned still of good quality so that anyone can read it without having to enlarge the image, and it will hurt your eyes in the end. 

7. Photo Scan 

The advantage of this application is that users can scan photos into a document. The result is that photos will not go down in terms of quality when they are shared with others via WhatsApp or other social media. 

Then the image immediately appears in Google Photos. One day if you are interested in downloading it, go ahead. What is certain is that the file is not lost as long as no one deletes it with a certain motivation. 

8. Tiny Scanner 

Then the next best for smartphones is Tiny Scanner. This is a scanner application made by the Appxy developer which has been proven to be able to make it easier to scan PDFs using only a smartphone. 

In this case, you can take advantage of this PDF scan application if you want to scan documents, photos, receipts, reports, and document files created in PDF format quickly, without having to take a long time. What makes it even more interesting, here you can convert the scanned PDF file into an image format (JPEG). Here all have you can take a photo of the document to be modified. Simple is Isn't it? 

Those are the seven best scanner applications for Android or iPhone that can be downloaded as desired. All of the above applications can be used without spending a dime. Regarding image quality, the average is good and doesn't hurt the eyes.