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How to Fix a Damaged Memory Card Without Format

Memory card (External Memory) which we usually call micro SD is an external storage device that is generally used by smart mobile phones such as Android or Ios. 

Because the memory card itself is an external storage that can be easily installed or removed by the owner, it is not uncommon for users to experience some problems when using it. 

The most common problem is that the memory card is not readable on Android which is usually caused by many factors such as corrupt files, cresh files or virus files. 

The second most common problem is that the memory card is not read at all due to the large number of junk files or corrupted files that cause it to be ignored by the cellphone. If you experience this, Calm down, don't panic, let alone format it. 

So, on this occasion, the admin will share with you how to repair a damaged or unreadable memory card. What are the steps, read in full below. 

How to Fix a Damaged Memory Card on Android 

How to Fix a Damaged Memory Card Without Format

Because most people use Android, the first thing I will discuss is fixing a damaged SD card on Android, you have a new SD card or memory card but it's not readable? 

Don't panic or immediately format your sd card, before doing some tips and tricks to fix this damaged sd card, the first cause of a damaged sd card is that in most cases it often removes the sd card and does it again. 

From things like that it can make your sd card crash. damaged or no longer detected on your android phone, what is the cause? the cause is from friction when the memory itself is opened. 

We insert the memory and remove the memory there are 2 frictions of tin, if not the tin from the cellphone goes to the memory, yes the tin from the memory goes to the cellphone and the result is the tin from the memory will be covered with tin which is from a cell phone and causes memory to be not detected by your android phone. 

If indeed your memory factor is damaged because you often enter and remove memory, please do this this way. 

1. How to Repair a Damaged Memory Card Without Formatting on Android 

First you buy a pencil eraser which is usually made of rubber : 
  • Open your memory sd card from a cellphoneRub .
  • The yellow tin that is on the momory gently. 
  • Rub it until there are no scratches left on it. your momy card 
  • And try to re-pair your memory 

2. How to Fix a Damaged Unreadable SD Card 

The second way if your memory still can't be detected is also possible because there is a kress file or in the memory section. 

So what you need to do is use a card reader to solve it. 
  • Please buy a cardreader that costs 12 kB, basically which has an sd card slot. 
  • If you have inserted your memory into the sd card 
  • PC, you can 
And plugged it into your laptopusually install the sd card into a card reader and plug it into the laptop, the laptop will automatically detect corrupt files, kress files, and files what needs to be fixed with a memory scan fix notification. 
  • If you have plugged in a card reader and there is a notification popup memory Fix 
  • Just run it and 
  • The scan process will run 
  • Wait until it's finished 
If it's finished please go to windows explorer, there check whether the memory is detected or not, if already detected, please copy all the files on your sd card memory, or move to a folder the one on the pc. 

Have copied all the files on your memory card, please format your sd card, after formatting, return all the data that you have moved to a folder in pc 

3. How to Fix Unreadable SD Card Error 

Still the same as the number 2 method, namely using a card reader to connect the SD Card to the USB slot of a computer or laptop. 

Activate the CDM Command Prompt on your PC / computer by typing CMD in the Windows Start search field if you are using Windows. If you are using an apple macbook not in other applications and run the terminal. 

Your next step is to type in the command prom below. 
  • "diskpart" Enter 
  • "list disk" Enter. Then a list of disks will appear on the computer. 
  • The location of the SD Card Disk is generally in the lowest position, please look for the name of your sd card. 
  • Type 1 "select disk 1" and enter to type this number 1 because my memory is detected at number 1, if your memory is detected in section 2/ 3/4 please click the number that matches the order of your memory card. 
  • Type the command "clean" then press enter. 

If you have done the steps above, and are still in the cmd menu on your pc, do the next step with the following command 
  • "create partition primary" Press enter 
  • "format fs = fat32 quick" Press enter 
  • "active" Press enter 
  • "assign" Press enter 
  • "exit" then press enter. you will automatically exit the diskpart command. 
  • "exit" then press enter to exit CMD. 
  • Done 

4. How to Overcome Errors on Memory Card 

Number 4, usually minor problems that often occur, especially on Android phones, can fail to transfer data or errors to the SD card. 

Even though the SD card size is still large, there is even a GBan size but it fails when moving files, the way you can do it is simply by removing your sd card from the phone. 

Please clean the disk on your android phone, if you have deleted the existing junk files, please try to re-enter your sd card, usually this kind of problem has been solved. 

But if it still fails to move data on your android smisal move photos / videos from the memory phone to your memory card can megguakan 2 ways to use the card reader and mengscanya computer or pc. 

If you are already using the 4-way fix sd card error or corrups as I described should sd card you have can be used again, but if you have used the method above but your mommy still can't a. 

It looks like your memory has been permanently damaged or can't be repaired anymore, this can happen if the phone you are using is very thin and overheats and causes your memory to be damaged, I don't know what the reason is, obviously this has happened to the admin