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Here's How To Overcome Full Signals But Slow Internet

Here's How To Overcome Full Signals But Slow Internet

Here's How To Overcome Full Signals But Slow Internet In this digital era, the internet has become a necessity for most people, whether for work, education or even for entertainment. Not a few of you use the internet to play games or stream videos. When you are playing games or streaming videos, sometimes buffering and connection drops. Of course this makes you panic and irritated, even though the internet signal looks full. 

This time we will discuss how to overcome the full signal but the slow internet that you often feel when playing games or streaming video. With this incident, of course you will immediately contact customer service to get a solution so that the internet is not slow anymore. 

Factors that Cause Slow Signals 

Before learning how to overcome a full signal but slow internet, there are several main factors that affect the quality of data services, namely factors from third parties, factors from users and factors from operators. 

Each customer can measure the speed of access to data services from various applications such as open signal or speed test. If the signal speed that has been tested is good, but your experience is still not good, there are several factors that also affect it. In general, applications can run using a server, so if you suddenly feel the internet speed is slow when you use it, it is caused by an overloaded or full application. 

However, this incident does not necessarily apply to all applications, there are times when slow internet only occurs and is felt in one application. For example, when you open application A with slow internet, this does not guarantee that applications A and C are slow or smooth. 

Therefore, you must know how to overcome a full signal but slow internet. The location of the server can also be one of the effects. In Indonesia, the existence of servers will be smoother because they are more controlled than servers abroad. This is what makes it better if third-party application owners have mirroring servers in Indonesia. 

That way, the process of sending data can be done by direct hiring. For example, some OTTs that collaborate with Telkomsel tend to be faster and easier to access. Not only that, the age and quality of the smartphone greatly affect the speed. In this case, the modem chip on the smartphone is important for capturing internet connections and signals. 

The longer the age of the modem chip in the smartphone, of course the sensitivity of the antenna to capture the signal will decrease. If your smartphone was produced in 2015, of course, in 2021 you will experience connection problems due to the age and quality of the smartphone getting older. 

How to Overcome a Full but Slow Signal 

Before you contact customer service when you find slow internet, you can handle it yourself by several ways to overcome a full but slow signal. Here are some ways to overcome a slow signal that you can do: 

  1. Refresh Signal 
    The first way to overcome a full signal but slow internet is to refresh the signal so that data services are active again. You can activate airplane mode in a few seconds before turning on the smartphone again. After that, you can restart your smartphone to overcome signal lag.

  2. Pay Attention to The Location 
    How to overcome the full signal but the next slow internet is to pay attention to your whereabouts. Make sure your location is safe to use to capture signals and is not blocked by thick wall buildings. You can change locations to get a good signal to access the internet.

  3. Check The Website and Application Used
    If you find the internet connection is lost, one way to overcome the full signal but the internet is slow you can try to reopen the website or open the application as a comparison.

  4. Close Unused Applications
    To make the internet connection smooth again, you can close any applications that are not used.

  5. Checking The Condition of The SIM Card
    If your sim card has been around for more than three years or there are lots of scratches on the chip, one way to overcome a full signal but slow internet is to replace the SIM card with a new one.

  6. Upgrade to 4G
    Steps that can be taken to make the internet connection not slow is to upgrade the 3G network to 4G. The capacity of the 3G network is smaller when compared to the 4G network, which has a faster speed. If you have switched to using a 4G network, of course the connection will be more stable and faster.

  7. Make Sure You Have Enough Quota. 
    The last way to overcome a full signal but slow internet is to make sure that you have enough quota to access the internet. You have to fill the quota if you don't have it. 

Those are some ways to overcome a full signal but slow internet that you can do to overcome a bad connection. If you find your internet connection is still slow, you can go directly to the outlet or contact customer service who can help you 24 hours a day. 

Or you can also send an email to and Telkomsel's virtual assistant via line, whatsapp, telegram and even telkomsel facebook messenger. Make sure you don't get a full signal but the internet is slow to make finding various information activities fast and smooth.