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Sites for Downloading Free Macbook Applications [MacOS]

Sites for Downloading Free Macbook Applications [MacOS] - For macbook pro, macabook air, macbook retina, and apple laptop users, all of them have made sure to experience complaints about the price of macbook applications/software, which are exorbitant when compared to applications on windows. 

The macbook application has a .dmg extension, which means that the application/software can only be installed on an Apple PC/laptop (OSX), and is not compatible with Windows laptops. 

There are several sites that provide illegal software to use, this is a recommendation for those of you who really need it and don't have the money to buy original application software. 

Before downloading pirated macbook applications, there are several things you should consider, 

1. First, The Security of Your Apple Laptop 

From user experience is safe using pirated macbook applications, but there are also those who experience crashes from installing some pirated applications themselves. admin. 

Thankfully the application is still safe and has never experienced errors or crashes, etc., so this should be considered for those of you who will use pirated applicationsSlower 

2. Applications Perform 

It is commonplace when we use pirated applications, not only on Apple Macbooks which we use. but also on all types of computers or laptops that use pirated applications, of course, the performance of the application will be a bit slow when compared to the original application. 

3. Applications 

Cannot be updated This has become a sure thing, friends, for those of you who use pirated or illegal applications, it can be confirmed that they will not receive application updates automatically. 

To be able to upgrade the application to the latest version, of course you must using the manual method again, namely by deleting and installing the mixed application. 

Sites for Downloading Free Applications for Macbook Users [MacOS] 

Prepare beforehand for those of you who want to use non-market applications for their Apple laptops. Although from the many experiences where this macbook application download is safe and 100% reliable, it is not a guarantee that one day it will continue to be safe. 

Remember, hackers will continue to grow. Who will he choose not to target? for sure, he would commit his crimes once he had the chance. Okay, if you can't wait to be able to download a 100% free macbook application, you can visit the site. 


For those of you who are going to use non-market macbook applications, you should be more vigilant to stay careful in using these illegal software. Apple urges you to stay away from non-makeup applications installed on your PC, or laptop to keep the system secure. 

That's it for the Macbook Application Free Download Site tutorial, if this article is useful don't forget to help share it with your friends.