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Understanding and How to Use Termux Beginners Must Know

Understanding and How to Use Termux Beginners Must Know - Want to learn how to use Termux? First, you have to understand what Termux is as well as the full Termux command. In this article, we will provide you withinformation detailedand everything you need to know about Termux. 

Android is a powerful operating system, because it offers so much that your phone can function like a desktop. One of the highlights is Termux, which takes advantage of Android's hidden Linux infrastructure. The Termux application provides a command line that allows you to install variousapplications Linux. 

Talking about Linux, basically Android is also Linux. Android is an operating system based on Linux that is made in such a way that it can be used for touch screen devices. Android itself was developed by Google from the modification of the Linux kernel and other open source based applications. 

What is Termux? 

Before going any further about how to use Termux you should understand what Termux is. Termux is an Android application designed to installpackages Linuxon Android phones. Termux is a terminal emulator for Linux that works on Android without the need for rooting or special configuration. What sets Termux apart from other terminal emulators is that it is set up so that it is identical to standard Debian Linux. 

Termux is popular because it allows you to install Penetration Testing Tools/software hackinglike Metasploit and NetHunter on Android phones. 

What is Shell? 

A shell is a command line interface, or program that takes commands from the user and instructs the operating system to perform tasks based on these commands. There are many shells used in different operating systems like Bourne shell, C shell, Bourne Again shell. All have different features and commands. Most Linux distributions have the Bourne Again shell also known as bash asline their default command. 

What is the function of Termux? 

Actually the main function of this application is to access the linux shell on the phone. Termux also emulates the debian linux environment so that users can experience using the debian linux shell from the hand of their cellphone. 

The Linux shell itself has many uses depending on the needs and of course the skill of the user. A programmer or developer, for example, uses Termux as a tool to test the application they are developing. 

Termux is also a terminal emulator application that offersinterface a text-based(command line) to access the Linux shell with a graphical user interface. What makes TERMUX special is that Termux develops techniques so that standard Linux applications can be installed and run on Android and also provides its own software repository. 

Termux is also often used by many application developers in the application development process. Termux makes it easy for developers to debug and find the cause of errors in the apps they're building. This is because Termux has access to the android shell. 

On the other hand, Termux is also often used as a tool for hacking. Before Termux, hackers usually needed a PC running the Linux operating system. But now with Termux, they can do it via mobile, this is clear because basically Android is also a variant of Linux. 

How to Use Termux When you open Termux 

You will see a terminal-shaped interface. For package management Termux provides APT and dpkg for package management and installation. Usage of Termux is similar to that of most modern Linux distributions, especially those based on Ubuntu and Debian. The only major difference is that you won't find the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS, which means you won't find multiple directories in the same location as in Linux distros. 

1. Installing Termux 

How to Install Termux App? Process of installing Termux App onPhone Androidvery easy. If you use an Android phone, then open the Google Play store and search for Termux in the search field. Then install the Termux application onphone your androidby clicking the install button 

2. How to Upgrade Packages in Termux 

When you first open termux, what are the first steps what you have to do is to upgrade all the packages in termux. The way to upgrade packages in the termux application is with the pkg upgrade command. 

3. How to Install Software in Termux 

The process of installing software on Linux is more complex than on Windows. On Linux, you have to install the software. software with the help of the terminal. This can betask quite a complex. But with Ter mux we simply enter the command pkg install wget. Previously to find out whether the wget command is installed in termux, we can use the which command. 

4. How to Remove Software on Termux 

How to use Termux to remove software is to enter the command pkg uninstall wget 

5. How to install root-repo on Termux 

The process of installing root-repo on termux is quite easy, with the command pkg install root-repo. 

6. How to Clone Github Scripts in Termux 

There are several hacking tools available on Github. For example, hack wifi, hack Facebook, data collection, and so on. If you want to use these tools, then you have to clone all these tools on your system with the help of thecommand git clone <url>. 

7. How to Create a Folder in Termux 

If you want to create a folder on your Linux, then you have to apply thecommand mkdir. 

8. How to Create Files in Termux 

If you want to create files on your Linux, then you have to apply touch command. It already exists on Linux so you just need to enter the command touch sandeep.txt. 

That's how to use Termux for those of you who are just getting to know this application for the first time. What needs to be underlined, Termux is an application that not only functions as a hacking tool. 

This application has many functions that can be used for various other purposes according to the needs of its users.