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10 Ways to Overcome Slow Wifi on Devices Easily dan Correctly

10 Ways to Overcome Slow Wifi on Devices Easily dan Correctly

Internet data network sometimes experiences problems or is slow, lost signal, weak signal makes device users feel annoyed. Not to mention the price of data packages every month that must be issued. Plus a pandemic like this, we surf more often in cyberspace. Which definitely requires internet, especially if we often open entertainment application applications that drain quotas such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and others. 

You can imagine how much money we have to spend every month, let's say the price of a data package is 80 thousand a month for 10 GB usage, that is if we use it to run light applications. What if you use online video applications or play games, of course, you need more than 10 GB every month. 

It's wasteful, isn't it, but we can switch to using wifi to save money and can access all internet services as much as we want and anytime. The price of a wifi subscription for each provider is different, this also depends on the internet speed you want to install. 

By installing wifi at home, we can further reduce the cost of spending on data packages. By installing wifi, we can also open or play video applications and games to our heart's content without worrying about the data package running out suddenly. However, the wifi is sometimes slow or disrupted. How to fix slow wifi? 

10 Ways to Overcome Slow Wifi Easily and Correctly 

Here's how to solve slow wifi that we can do easily : 

1. Using The Flush DNS Method 

Flush DNS is a command to reset the DNS cache from the computer. Flush DNS can be a way to overcome slow wifi, here's how to do a DNS flush. Right click or open command then select Run As administrator Then insert ipconfig/flushdns and then press enter. Type ipconfig then click the enter button. Try to access the internet, and don't forget to close the command prompt. 

2. Using The Third Application Switcher 

The second way to overcome slow wifi is by using the help of a third application, which can use the switcher application. We can get the switcher application on google playstore, find and select the switcher application that says managed by Cloudie Development. After the switcher application has been installed on our smartphone, now change the permission settings by allowing the switcher. This permission is intended so that the switcher application can function in helping to stabilize the WIFI internet connection. Now we can use the menu menu in the switcher to stabilize WIFI. 

3. Place The Router 

In a higher place. One of the causes of our slow wifi is because we are wrong or too low in placing the router position. The router must be placed in a high position so that access for the signal is wider. And try not to have anything blocking the router's position, such as walls, cabinets or other objects. 

4. Changing Channel Router Settings 

If the position of the router was placed correctly, now we can change the settings of the router channel. Changing the router channel settings can also be one way to overcome slow wifi. Here's how, we must first enter the router channel settings menu and change the frequency. 

5. Adjust The Position of the Router Antenna 

If we have placed the router in the right position, and have made the settings on the router channel but it is still slow. We can try to adjust the position of the router antenna. Because the router antenna greatly affects the speed of the wifi internet connection. Make sure the position of the router antenna is vertical or standing straight up. Also pay attention to the router cable, make sure that the router cable is not damaged. It doesn't matter any small damage, because the router cable can also affect the speed of the internet. 

6. Using The Speed U​p Application 

If there was a switcher application, then there is another application to stabilize the wifi internet connection. How to overcome slow wifi this time by using the speed up application. As the name suggests, speed up. This application helps us to speed up the speed of our wifi internet connection. Speed ​​up can solve internet connection problems with speeds up to 50 percent. We can get this speed up application at Playstore outlets and can only be used for Android. 

7. Bandwidth Settings The Next 

Way to overcome slow wifi is to adjust the bandwidth, the way is by looking for the run menu. If you've found the bandwidth menu, we can immediately restart our computer's bandwidth. 

8. Limit Wifi Connection Users 

We are close to an internet source or wifi router but it is still slow, it could be that too many users of the wifi connection are connected. This greatly affects the speed of the internet connection. We can use a password on our wifi so that it is not easily connected by unauthorized people. 

9. Using a VPN 

If the wifi on our cellphone is slow, we try to set the default wifi settings on the cellphone. Or we can install a VPN application, take it easy this application is legal because it is used to help speed up wifi internet connections. VPN applications are also available in the playstore, we can install them right away. If we have just opened the VPN application and opened the menu in the VPN application to facilitate the internet connection. 

10. Looking for a Trusted and Fastest Provider 

The last and most effective way to overcome slow wifi is to choose a trusted provider and also provide the fastest service on wifi internet. Above are some ways to overcome slow wifi that can be done easily. 

Thank you for visiting this article, I hope the information provided can be useful.